The issue around Qur’an was revealed in Arabic (1)

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this response issued raised about Quran being Arabic and only for Arabs ” As for their excuse that the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic, our answer will be displayed in the discussion of the following aspects:


The Torah was revealed in the Hebrew language and Musa (Moses, peace be upon him) spoke no other language other than Hebrew. Similarly, Christ (peace be upon him) did not recite the Torah and the Gospel except in Hebrew. Each Divine Book is written in a single language; that is the language of the Prophet upon whom the revelation was sent and which is also the language of his people. All Prophets conveyed their messages in the language of their people first, and then they would convey the Book revealed to them to the other nations. This is done in a number of ways: by translating it for those who do not know its original language, by learning its language so that people may know its meanings, or people may learn the meaning of the message in their language and, in this case, it is not binding on them to know all the contents of the message, but it is sufficient for them to know what is necessary.


The language of Christ (peace be upon him) and his Disciples was Hebrew; however, he sent them to other nations to address them and translate his instructions and sayings into their own language. Some Christians might say, “But the messengers of Christ knew the language of the people to whom they were sent.” We reply by saying, ,; That is a feature known about the messengers of Christ and about those of Muhammad (peace be upon them both). There is no doubt that the disciples of the Messengers of Allah, like those of Christ and Muhammad, must have known the language of the people to whom they were sent, or those people would have other people who knew the language of those messengers m order to translate their words to their people.”


There were many Arabs among the Christians during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It was easy for anyone who knew Arabic to understand the meanings of the Qur’an even if his mother tongue was Persian, Roman, Turkish, Indian or Coptic. Moreover, those who wrote this book (to which this book of ours is a reply) from amongst the Christian scholars, had read the Qur’an, understood its content, even though it is written in Arabic and furthermore, they used its verses in their argument. So how can they say that they cannot believe in a Book, which is not written in their language? ”

Quoted from Imam Ibn Taymiyyah ( died 1328) book titled ” The correct answer for those who changed the religion of Christ ” in response to a letter by the church about Islam.

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